Titanwinds is a powerful program that is designed for fast movement through ten different levels.  Each of these levels consists of a 2x2 matrix. With having a 2x2 martix system this will allow for spillover and allow everyone to cycle through the system quickly, which will allow us to make money faster.


Titanwinds is a series of matrices.  Once you cycle the first matrix you will automatically be entered into the next matrix level.  This continues through each level of the system.  Once you cycle a matrix, the amount to enter that level  will be withheld to re-enter you into that level matrix again allowing you to cycle over and over again with a one-time payment of only $3.  Upon completion of each level for the first time you will be auatomatically entered into the next level, the funds for that will come out of your earnings..once entered into a level you not be auto entered again only re-entered upon completion of the matrix.


No.  The matrix system is a a forced matrix system in the fact that it is team build.  It is somewhat forced when unsponsored individuals join...they will fall in the matrix system in the next available spot.  This will ensure that there are no empty spaces within the matrix and also allows for spillover.


No.  Once you cycle the first matrix, you will automatically advance to the next level.  The program uses your earnings to pay and advance you through the levels.


Yes.  Titanwinds is available to individuals worldwide.


We currently use CIRCLE and Bitcoin as our payment processor.  There is a possibility that other processors may be added in the near future.


Yes.  Multiple accounts are allowed; each account must have a separate email address.  You may use the same payment account address for different Titanwinds accounts you or your family may have.



Yes.  Upon payment entry to the Titanwinds program, you will receive a free account on our partner site, Traffic4You.  Traffic4You is a powerful traffic exchange which has partnered with Titanwinds. Stay tuned in for more information about TICO as well...our new coin that will be tradable on the exchanges!


No.  All payments/sales are final; no refunds will be issued.  If your account is closed or suspended due to a breach by you of the terms of service, your entry fee will be forfeited.

The people are showing up in the droplist are people that have not paid the entry fee. The people marked with your username will go directly into your downline regardless of who PIF's them. Everyone has a sponsor and will remain with a referral of that sponsor regardless of who PIF's them.

Wrong PIFed people will not be corrected and no refund for wrong PIF will be given.